Play Your Style

We want to put every player in his or her strength. We do this by developing high-quality sporting gear and apparel for athletes and players of all levels. Each player enters the court at their own goal. This varies from sports and being healthy, to wanting to win at all costs, to having a lot of fun with each other. With Orbit Padel you get the most out of every moment on the padel court to achieve your goal.

With our team and in collaboration with padel professionals, we are working every day to bring our rackets to the next level in terms of performance and design. We stand for unique and sleekly designed rackets that are made of high-quality materials. Every athlete should have the opportunity to step onto the track with confidence, and our products should contribute to that.

We are determined to keep learning and developing our products where possible. By staying curious, and especially by spending many hours on the padel court ourselves, we can improve ourselves and our products. Not only on the padel court but also beyond. So if you have any tips, you can always send us a message!

Orbit Padel has an athlete's mentality. We are not satisfied with average products. With everything we develop and produce, we want to win with the best customer service. With a product from Orbit Padel you are far from finished.