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Choosing a padel racket can be difficult, but if you understand the differences in materials, weight, shape, hardness and playing style, you can buy the racket that suits you perfectly.

First of all, padel rackets can have different shapes, namely round, diamond and drop. The shape of the blade determines where the sweet spot of the racket is located, which largely determines the playing style of the racket. In short, we can classify padel rackets into 3 types:

Round blade : Both beginners and advanced players can get along well with round padel rackets. A round racket is ideal for beginners because it is light and manoeuvrable due to its low weight. In general, it has less power than a teardrop or diamond-shaped blade. The sweet spot is large, so the ball doesn't have to hit exactly in the middle of the blade for a good hit. These rackets offer excellent control, but require more power from the player. You also see many advanced players playing with round rackets, because they get more profit from hitting controlled balls than hitting with a lot of power.

Drop-shaped blade : A drop-shaped racket has the weight at the top of the racket, so you can hit with a lot of power. Some players who have been playing padel for some time choose this as the next step after a beginners racket. Many advanced players also play with a drop-shaped racket, which is why we see it as a suitable shape for experienced to advanced players.

Diamond-shaped blade : A diamond-shaped racket has the weight also at the top of the racket. The high balance of this racket shape gives you more power in your strokes and you can generate more power during the game, such as with a smash. The sweet spot of the racket is smaller and is located higher in the blade. In general, this shape is more suitable for advanced players.

In addition to the shape, the hardness of the racket can also vary. In general, the harder the racket, the more power you can give. For example, carbon is harder than fiberglass rackets, followed by 3k carbon, and 12k and 18k are the hardest materials. The hardness is also determined by the type of foam used in the core of the racket. Hard carbon often has a slightly harder foam than, for example, fiberglass. Finally, rackets with a harder and therefore higher quality carbon last longer.

The weight of the racket plays a major role in maneuverability and control. A lighter racket is more manoeuvrable, but offers less power. A heavier racket offers more power, but is less manoeuvrable. The weight can range from 330 to 385 grams, which can make a significant difference to your game.

At Orbit Padel we have been supplying the best rackets in the Netherlands for years. Our rackets are developed in collaboration with professionals and padel players for the best results. Our team has all the knowledge to advise you when purchasing a padel racket.

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