We have a number of tips for you that will help you extend the life of your purchased padel racket. You can take the following steps for this:

  • Store your racket in a protective cover or racket bag. This cover protects your racket against bumps, scratches or exposure to water or sun. For example, see Orbit's racket cover .

  • Use a protective tape on the edge of your racket. Orbit offers an extra thick protection tape especially for padel rackets. During a match there is a good chance that you will hit the fencing, window or surface with your racket a number of times. Typically, it is usually the edge of the racket that has contact. A protective tape ensures that your racket is somewhat protected against scratches or even worse damage.

  • Make sure you invest in a good quality racket. Carbon rackets are stronger than fiberglass rackets, and also last longer on average.

  • Always make sure you put the string on your hand. This is not only safer for your fellow player and opponent, but it also protects your racket.

  • If you have played outside, make sure you always store your racket in a dry place afterwards. The padel racket materials are usually bad against water.
June 13, 2023 — Floris de Bruyn Kops