If you are going to padel, there are various accessories that will come in handy on the court. The following padel items are useful to put in your bag

  • Of course padel rackets. Make sure there is a good grip on your racket, which is still sufficiently stiff so that the racket cannot slip out of your hand.

  • Padel balls. Make sure you bring padel balls. These are a bit softer than tennis balls. If you are looking for high quality balls that do not felt after a match, click here

  • Padel clothing and shoes. Make sure you bring comfortable clothes. Padel is a moving sport, make sure you wear sportswear in which you can move easily. Also wear shoes with a good grip, preferably those designed for padel. Otherwise, tennis shoes are also good.

  • Drinking bottle. Bring a bottle to drink. A game of padel usually takes 1.5 hours. That's a long time you're moving. Due to the long and intensive effort you can lose a lot of moisture. That is why it is important to hydrate sufficiently.

  • Overgrips. Overgrips help you improve the grip of your handle. Always take a few extra overgrips with you, if your current grip is worn out. Orbit sells high quality overgrips in 3 different colors

  • Sweatbands. Use sweatbands to protect against sweat in your eyes. said, for example, Orbit's sweatbands

  • Towel. Bring a towel against sweat, or for showering after playing.

  • Sunscreen. If you play outside you can burn quickly in the sun, especially if you also sweat during exercise.
June 13, 2023 — Michiel Bom