There are several techniques and tips that you can apply to hit your best padel service. In any case, pay attention to the following points:

  • First of all, be aware of a few important serving rules. You can only serve underhand. You must first let the ball bounce 1x. And you may only hit the ball if it is at maximum hip height of the serving player.

  • Timing: Try to hit the ball when it makes an upward movement after the bounce. While hitting, try to make a forward motion and supposedly move through the ball. It is often effective to walk directly to the offensive net position in that movement, wherever your teammate is.

  • Ball placement: Try to hit the ball to the corners of the court as best you can, as this will make it difficult to return the ball. Furthermore, the opponent's backhand is often his or her weaker side, keep that in mind. And by serving in the service box and close to the window, you also make it more difficult for your opponent. High-quality balls last longer so that your service remains more consistent. Find premium padel balls from Orbit here.

  • Variation and Spin: Try to vary your strokes by hitting alternate serves. This way you can give backspin, with which the ball bounces less high and gives a slowing effect to the ball. This often has the effect that the opponent hits the ball into the net faster. Or try topspin, this will make the balls bounce higher and get more speed after the bounce. This ensures that the opponent returns the ball too hard faster. Or creates side spin, which can surprise the opponent by bouncing the ball in an unexpected direction.

  • Grip: First of all put the cord of the racket around your hand, so that the racket cannot slip out of your hands. Hold your racket firmly with a proper grip. The most common grip is the 'continental grip,' where you have the blade pointed up with one side, or held vertically, and the handle horizontal at the same time. And then you grab the racket like you would grab a hammer. Looking for an extra overgrip? take a look at Orbit's sticky grips here
June 13, 2023