Lifespan of a padel racket

If used incorrectly, a padel racket is quite vulnerable. It is therefore important to have a good padel racket and that you know what and what not to do during a match. With proper use, a racket can last a long time and save a lot of money. With average use, count on a lifespan of 1-2 years.

The lifespan of a padel racket depends on several elements:
1. How often and do you play
+ do you play outside in the rain?
2. How careful are you with the racket
3. Material and quality of the padel racket

It will come as no surprise that the more you play, the sooner your padel racket needs to be replaced. Materials in the racket will then be exhausted faster, causing the racket to slowly lose its damping. As a result, the quality of the racket changes over time. In addition, players sometimes make a mistake and hit the side, for example. This kind of collision can lead to cracks in the frame or top. Orbit supplies specially designed bumpers that protect the top of a racket, see: Orbit protection tape
Rain or other forms of moisture are also bad for padel rackets. The core (a kind of foam) of the racket absorbs the water. The racket will lose its stiffness. As a result, it can break faster and play less well.

We recommend always using a racket cover. This prevents unnecessary damage during transport or storage. For this reason, Orbit Padel gives a free racket cover as standard with the purchase of every racket. We want you to enjoy a new racket for as long as possible.

The quality of the model or brand has a major influence on how long a padel racket lasts. More and more non-padel brands are supplying padel gear to the Dutch market. These products are often very cheaply priced but also of low quality. Remember this when purchasing a racket

Finally, find a racket that suits your playing style. By choosing the right racket you can ensure that you play with a racket for longer. So don't always go for the cheapest option, this can cost more money in the long term.
Orbit has a team of experts who are happy to help you find the ideal racket.

By choosing a high quality racket, the correct use and maintenance and choosing the right racket, you can ensure that your padel racket lasts a long time and that you enjoy it on the court.
May 28, 2023 — Floris de Bruyn Kops