Holes in a padel racket, why?

A padel racket has holes in the blade. But what are these holes actually for? In this article we discuss the function of the holes in a padel racket. It concerns the following properties:

  • Weight savings
  • Less air resistance
  • Better sweet spot
    • + less vibration
    • + imparting spin

Weight savings
The holes ensure that the racket is less heavy. This is because the material between the holes can be removed, making the racket lighter. A lighter racket can result in more maneuverability and more control for the player.

Less air resistance
Another function of the holes in a padel racket is to reduce air resistance. Holes allow air to pass through the racket. This creates less back pressure and reduces air resistance. The result, a higher racket speed and hard smashes.

Optimized sweet spot
One of the main functions of the holes in a padel racket is to enlarge the sweet spot. The sweet spot is the area on the racket where the ball can best be hit. The holes in the racket allow the surface of the sweet spot to be enlarged or moved slightly. The racket becomes more flexible and therefore absorbs more energy when hitting the padel ball.

When hitting the ball, vibrations are created in a racket, which is as it should be. This is the case with every racket sport. The holes in the blade reduce these vibrations. This ensures more comfort while playing and less chance of injuries.

Another important function is to increase the spin. More grip on the ball when hitting can lead to more spin, the holes offer this extra grip.
All Orbit rackets are equipped with a unique hole pattern to get the most out of the player's game. In this it falls on the rackets in the middle have no holes. This is to enlarge the sweet spot so that you hit more balls perfectly!

The holes in a padel racket therefore have different functions that all contribute to the player's performance.

Good to know that not all rackets have the same hole pattern and/or size of the holes. These differences naturally also result in different types of playing styles.
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May 28, 2023