An important part of this sport is the racket with which it is played. But which materials are used to make a padel racket and why? From beginner to pro everyone has their own wishes. We are happy to tell you more about the construction of a padel racket and all the materials that are used, plus the effects on the ball feeling.

In short, you can split a racket into three parts that determine the feeling for the player. The frame, blade and core. All three parts bring unique properties that create the character of the racket.

The frame and blade of a padel racket is usually made of fiberglass, carbon, graphene or kevlar or a combination of these materials. All these materials are processed together with a liquid plastic. This combination is also called a composite

Optical fiber
Fiberglass is often used as a material to make padel rackets. A fiber-reinforced plastic that is lightweight, but not super stiff. In a padel racket it gives a lot of "suspension". The racket has a large sweet spot and is forgiving to the player. It is used in combination with other materials, such as carbon, to obtain the desired properties. The more fiberglass is processed in the racket, the softer and more elastic the racket will be.
However, a higher fiberglass content can also cause the racket to wear out faster and break earlier.

Carbon is often used as a material to make padel rackets. Carbon is a lightweight and stiff material that is very strong. The more carbon is processed in the racket, the stiffer and less elastic the racket will be. This can lead to more control and precision when hitting the ball. However, a higher carbon content can also make the racket feel less comfortable and transmit more vibrations to the arm.

The core of the racket can consist of different materials, such as foam or EVA foam. Foam is lightweight and offers great comfort, but has less control than EVA foam and rubber. EVA foam is firmer than foam and offers more control and precision. Rubber is the firmest material and offers the most control, but has less comfort than foam and EVA foam.

The blade of the racket, the blade, can be made of different materials, such as fiberglass, carbon or kevlar. Carbon fiber offers more control than graphite, but less strength. Kevlar is the most durable material, but offers less control and precision than graphite and carbon fiber.

When choosing a padel racket, playing style, type of player and personal preference play the biggest role. Different materials and the structure of a role play an important role in fulfilling the wishes of a player. It is therefore important to try out different rackets before purchasing one.

March 13, 2023