If you buy a padel racket, you will notice that nowadays many rackets have a rough finish on the blade. But why is that and what does it bring the player?

The main reason why padel rackets have a rough finish is to give the racket more grip on the padel ball. The rough finish on the racket surface ensures that players have a better grip, allowing them to make better shots and thus place the ball more accurately.

Another advantage of the rough finish on padel rackets is that it helps to give spin to the ball. When playing padel, it is important to be able to spin the ball, as this can lead to unexpected movements of the ball that are difficult for the opponent to hit back. The rough finish on the racket surface ensures that the blade of a padel racket makes better contact with the ball, allowing players to give more spin. This spin can make it easier to knock a ball out of the playing field. Use the spin to keep the ball low to the ground, anything to make it difficult for the opponent.

There are different types of rough finishes used on padel rackets. Some rackets have a coarser finish than others, depending on the brand and model. Some rackets also have a more sophisticated surface texture, such as pinholes or embossing.

That said, we hear different preferences from padel players. That is why we emphasize that the surface of a racket is strongly personal. Every playing style requires different properties from a racket.

March 06, 2023 — Floris de Bruyn Kops