Many people already play padel or are about to try it. Before you start playing, there are some things that are useful to know and have to play a game of padel. In this beginner's guide you will learn what you need to start playing padel.

Padel racket
The first and most important item you need to start playing padel is a padel racket. Padel rackets are slightly smaller than tennis rackets and have no strings, but instead a solid fiberglass or carbon surface. There are many different types of rackets on the market and it is important to choose one that suits you. Choosing a racket with a weight and shape that suits your level and playing style will help you play better. Do you want to pay attention when purchasing a first racket? then read our blog: Important factors for padel racket purchases
As a beginner, we recommend buying a round racket with a large sweet spot. This is the place on the racket where you can best hit the ball for optimal control. The balance of these rackets is a bit lower to give enough confidence to the player. The better you get, the clearer your preference for a type of racket will become. Let an expert advise you which racket suits your playing style. Many courts offer the possibility to test rackets in order to arrive at the perfect racket for you. We at Orbit are always open to advise you or to borrow a racket

Padel balls
Another essential purchase is padel balls. Padel balls are slightly smaller than tennis balls and have a lower bounce, which means that the ball moves a little less quickly. It is important to use padel balls specifically designed for padel, as these balls last longer and are more resistant to the impact of the padel racket. Make sure you replace padel balls regularly to keep getting the most out of your game.

Padel court
To play padel, you need access to a padel court. Fortunately, there are more and more padel courts available in the Netherlands, both indoors and outdoors. In Amsterdam there is even the possibility of public jobs. So plenty of room!

Padel clothing and shoes
Although there is no specific dress code for padel, it is important to wear proper footwear. Be especially careful with soles that are too high, this brings instability to the ankles with a risk of injury. Padel is almost always played on an artificial grass surface, so it is important to wear sports shoes with a good grip and suitable for this surface.

To start with padel you don't need a lot and otherwise you can always rent it to start. Find a group of fanatical friends and you can start with your first padel pot.

Have fun!

March 03, 2023 — Floris de Bruyn Kops